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Wellness Tribe was founded on a passion for health and happiness. What we’ve created is, in a phrase, ‘Well-being in a box”. Each month we curate a care package of the best natural products and healthy lifestyle items to be delivered to your doorstep. Think awesome body products, delicious healthy snacks, and wellness essentials all tied together with an informative holistic approach to life.

We are a brand that not only delivers a monthly subscription of natural products, but products that work together to help you achieve a higher level of well-being. Each box is themed to be seasonally relevant and encourage longevity and vitality for our amazing Tribe. Most importantly we want you to find your new favorite product and ditch any old items holding you back with chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Staying true to our mission to deliver the best natural products, we have curated wellness essentials for festivals and retreats. Our Fest Well Kits and Retreat Well Kits are the perfect wellness enhancement to make sure you get the most out of your experience! Try them for your next event.


Erica & Taylor

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Meet Wellness Tribe's Founders

Taylor Winn, Wellness Expert

DAOM (candidate), AP, LAc, Birth Doula
Taylor’s passion for life, health, and helping others has always been a predominant part of her makeup. In 2005 she dedicated herself to a lifelong journey of exploring the depths of Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture and Wellness. Taylor earned her Master’s Degree, and is currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She also studied at Sheng Ai Hospital of TCM in Kunming, China, was the resident acupuncturist at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, California and currently has an acupuncture practice in Jacksonville, Florida. Taylor’s drive to treat people holistically and give patients the prowess to care for themselves is the foundation of Wellness Tribe.

Erica Brophy, President

After graduating from Cornell University, Erica started her career in brand strategy working for Horizon Media and MediaCom and later became the Marketing Director for California based luxury interior design firm, SFA Design. The born and raised New Yorker moved to Santa Barbara (where she lived on a sailboat) to pursue change and tap into her love for the outdoors. What developed was a deeper passion and understanding for the importance of organic food, holistic medicine, and the desire to share her knowledge. Though always passionate about nutrition and being active, much of Erica’s holistic awakening can be credited to a California lifestyle and Taylor! Erica brings her business background, love of wellthy living, and enthusiasm for life to Wellness Tribe.

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"Wellness Tribe is a pure passion project and it's evident in every interaction I have with Erica and Taylor. I recommend the box for my clients and friends and it's my go-to gift for mentors and experts when I want to make an impression. "

Tory Dube,

"I am a big fan of Wellness Tribe, what they stand for, and what they offer. Whether a present for yourself or a gift for someone else who is interested in living a healthy lifestyle, you really can't go wrong with this subscription."

Stacy Schwartz,

"Nothing is more welcoming after being on the road than coming home to my Wellness Tribe Box. Every single hand picked product makes me feel loved, nourished, recharged, and ready for my next adventure."

Erika Vikander,

Live WELLthy